Junk Removal

No matter whether you are a homeowner in need of

a CONSTRUCTION WASTE REMOVAL in Dallas, you will notice

that everyone at your location will be significantly happier

once junk is removed from your location with our

garage cleanout service in Dallas. Homeowners

may simply want to get rid of old items they no longer need 

while construction sites may have scrap materials.

BIG TEX JUNK REMOVAL can take care of nearly

any type of junk and garbage so you don’t have

to worry about it anymore.

Junk We Remove

We will remove junk of all types and sizes. Because we charge based on the amount and type of items being removed, with our CONSTRUCTION WASTE REMOVAL in Dallas, you only pay for the services you get. Best of all, our experienced crew will remove the items quickly and efficiently so you can start getting your home or business back to normal right away. We have removed waste and clutter from residences, warehouses, stores, restaurants, construction sites, and other similar places.


Reasons To Hire Us To Haul Away Junk

Customers typically turn to BIG TEX JUNK REMOVAL for help after a thorough home cleaning, such as before they move. They also take advantage of our services during remodels of any size. Offices will hire us to remove their old, worn out furniture when they buy replacements, and construction sites like to keep our number handy so they don’t have a pile of old tools, wood, or debris in their way. Let us help you with your CONSTRUCTION WASTE REMOVAL needs in Dallas, TX.






Save Yourself Time And Money

In some cases, it can be tempting to attempt junk removal yourself, but this will almost always lead to a large hassle. Depending on what you want to get rid of, or the quantities you have, you may not be able to throw the items out with the rest of your trash on garbage day. You can also injure yourself by preparing the items for disposal, leading to medical bills or discomfort that reduces your ability to work effectively. Best of all, if you remove junk yourself, it will all go to waste. At BIG TEX JUNK REMOVAL we work hard to recycle or reuse every item that we can. We are your Junk Removal company for CONSTRUCTION WASTE REMOVAL.



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Construction Debris Waste Removal Remova

Cities We Provide Junk Removal 

Construction Waste Debris Removal Service in Dallas TX

If you’re looking for construction debris removal or construction waste disposal, look no further! Our skilled team at BIG TEX Junk Removal is experienced in hauling off the heavy, unwanted debris and waste left over after renovations, demolitions, or construction.

To get a FREE, and EXACT Service Estimate about the cost of our services. We will provide you a customized quote on your specific situation, you can send us a text to (817) 657-2906, or EMAIL with a picture of the debris and waste that needs to be removed.

If you don’t have a picture, don’t worry - We do on site cost evaluations and price estimates over the phone as well, all for free. Construction Debris are hard remove, but for YOU it doesn't have to be. Give us a call and relax, BIG TEX Junk Removal will handle the rest!

Types of Jobs we can assist with:

  • Renovations such as bathrooms, bedrooms, basements, living rooms, offices, and many more

  • Remodelings of private residences, public buildings, stores, offices, and more

  • Any Construction projects!

  • Any Demolition projects

  • All types of Residential removal needs

  • All types of Commercial removal needs


Types of Debris and Waste we can remove:

  • Drywall

  • Wood

  • Concrete

  • Tiling

  • Shingles

  • Steel

  • Flooring

  • Sheetrock

  • Windows

If you don’t see your project or need listed here, give us a call and ask anyway. There are many other types of construction waste and construction debris we are equipped to transport and dispose, so we will likely be able to help make construction debris removal and construction waste disposal the easiest part of your project by handing it over to our experienced team.


Even the biggest piles of debris and waste will quickly and safely disappear from your life once we are on the job.