Television Disposal Services in Dallas TX

Let us dispose of your old television... responsibly 

BIG TEX Junk Removal knows how to responsibly dispose of old TVs and other electronic's. 

  • We arrive on time for the scheduled appointment.

  • Show our team members to the television you need them to collect. 

  • Then we remove the television for you.

Electronic products like TVs contain chemicals. So, when simply dumped into a landfill, these chemicals are leaked out, polluting the water supply and air quality so some landfills will not take televisions. Televisions contain a number of valuable recyclable materials. Some of these include copper, glass, and plastic.


BIG TEX Junk Removal makes every effort to recycle old televisions whenever possible. We take your old TV to a recycling facility that removes the recyclable parts and properly disposes of the other pieces.

That's Big Tex!

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